Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mug Rug Swap and a fabric find

Signed up to participate in Randy's Mug Rug swap, and I received a mug rug from Dotti (no blog).
I have known Dotti via email for quite a while now. It was fun to received a little package from her.

Along with the very lovely log cabin mug rug, Dotti included a pack of Primitive Gatherings shirtings in 2 1/2 squares, and three lovely cards designed by her talented DIL. Thank you, Dotti! A delightful bundle of pretty things! The mug rug has been in use since the day it arrived.

Anne (no blog) was the recipient of my mug rug, and Randy told me she likes bright colors. My mind immediately went to batiks. This is what I sent her (well, the rug--not the mug).

I realized that I took this shot before I pressed out the white chalk guide lines I used for part of the machine quilting. I did press them out before sending it, but forgot to get a good photo after that.
I threw in a couple of bars of my herbal soap, and a few bags of some favorite flavors of Stash herbal tea.

I am working on one more mug rug for a swap arranged months ago with Denise. We both love Fall, so a Fall themed mug rug seemed an appropriate swap for us. I am behind due to circumstances beyond my control, but hope to have it sent off to her in a day or two. It is all pieced, but needs quilting and binding.

Last Friday I stopped in at a local discount quilt shop, and bought the last of the bolt of this wonderful French General Paisley. 
Their fabric is $7.99 a yard, but for the anniversary sale that was in progress, finishing the bolt meant I got it for half that price! It was just over 2 yards. What a deal!

My Mom was just getting back on her feet from injuries sustained in a fall just over a week ago, when Monday morning she started to exhibit symptoms of a heart attack. She is in the hospital, where I spent the better part of Monday with her. Heading back there today. Would appreciate your prayers. 

Until next time,
Janet O.

p.s. The random number generator did its job and of those interested in the Red Truck Christmas mat, Sarah's name was drawn. I'll be getting that off to you as soon as I can, Sarah.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Palmateer Point, Etc.

Linking up with Lori at Humble Quilts for her Palmateer Point QAL.
If you read my last post, you know I made mine quite a bit smaller than the instructions indicated.
Mine finishes up at 7 1/2" square (kind of).

I had hoped to gift this, but I am just not real pleased with my workmanship. Maybe I was too tired, or not focused enough, or something.

This is named Stewart Pass, for the place near where my family is standing in the photo below. 
We hiked this with my Dad and some other family members 23 years ago, when my Dad was 70. This photo used to be in his home office, and when he passed away last year the photo came home with me. Our youngest child was 5 at the time, and he did a fair amount of riding on his Dad's shoulders. It is a steep hike, switchbacks notwithstanding. I don't know how hubby did it with a 5 year old on his shoulders!

The trail we took is in the mountains I am always showing you--the view from my sewing room window. We got up to the ridge line, but didn't make it to one of the highest peaks. The elevation was about 8500 ft.
I had hoped to hike those mountains again this year, but I have been in therapy for foot issues this summer. :(
You can see the Fall color at the base of the mountains. When we drove to Salt Lake City to take our daughter and granddaughter to the airport on Monday, we drove through colorful Sardine Canyon. Enjoy some of the sights and keep in mind these photos were all taken from the back seat of a moving car, so please excuse the blur here and there. Click to enlarge for a better view.

I've been curious to see how my perpetual leader/ender project was coming along. Today I cleared off the design wall and proceeded to put up my blocks. This windmill project was begun 3 years ago this month, inspired by Kathie Holland, formerly of Inspired by Antique Quilts blog.
Poor lighting, but you get the idea. I will finish the two rows coming down the right side and then assess whether I want to continue working on this, or sew it up into a throw quilt. The blocks finish at about 4", and it is a fun, quick block to stitch. I have used many other things as leader/enders over those three years, but this is what I always come back to when nothing else is available.

Do you recall when I took another class with Miss Stacy a couple of years ago? We made this fun mat, that was sized to go in an oval metal tray that she was going to be carrying on her website. I don't see them there, and I really don't have a place to display it anyway, so I thought I would draw a name from any interested parties. If you are interested, let me know in your comment. If you don't mention it, I will take that to mean you are not.

It is a cool Fall day here. I have a pot of chili simmering on the stove and will soon be making some Gluten Free cornbread to go with it for a social at our church this evening. Hope you have a fun Friday evening planned!
Until next time,
Janet O.

Friday, September 29, 2017

While Maggie slept...

...and her Mom was at lunch with her sister and a mutual friend a couple of days ago, I finally tackled clues 1, 2, and 3 of Humble Quilts' Palmateer Point Quiltalong. I knew I needed to get them completed before the final clue is released Monday, or I might never do it at all.
Since time was very limited, I decided that the only way I would accomplish my task was to use some pre-made pieces. The HSTs were from a large bag of bonus triangles a friend had given me a couple of years ago. They had served as my leader/enders at one time, so they were all stitched together, and just needed trimming. I have used them in several small quilts already and was glad there were enough blue ones left to be used here. But the pattern called for 3" finished HSTs. Based on the size of these bonus triangles, I had to cut mine to be 1" finished.

For my 4-patches, I used a bunch of extras I had from Lori's last QAL, Quilters Madder. I only had to make six more.

My 4-patches would have been large enough for Lori's original instructions, but I needed to trim them way down to match the size of the HSTs. Feels good to be caught up on this!

Today is my younger sister's birthday, so I have spent a few late hours recently, putting together ornaments for her from my Dad's two favorite blue plaid shirts. Now my Mom and all of my siblings have their ornaments, along with my two daughters. That just leaves my sons and myself to make them for before Christmas.


A shout of thanks to my good friend, Victoria, for this lovely bundle of Judie Rothermel Miniatures that came to my home not long ago. They are almost too lovely to cut, and yet that is just what I plan to do! Many of them will be going into an upcoming project that may remain secret for a couple of months. I will share it when I can.

With my daughter and granddaughter using the guest room and family room for their beds this month, my sewing room has been called upon to do duty as another guest room when other family members have joined us on weekends. This means that my sewing room is cleaner than it has been in a long time. It was a bedroom in a former life, and isn't a large room. That means it will never be tidy, but this is where I feel my creative energy.
The west wall, broken up by the closet. Also contains the window that overlooks the pasture and the mountains that I often share in photos here.
My 7 1/2' x 8' design wall is on the south side of the room. It currently holds several reminders of how I need to get quilting those little quilts again!
The north wall is the "sewing" side of the room. My HQ Sweet Sixteen is joined by my Featherweight, and my Mom's old Bernina--the machine on which I first learned to sew.
The east wall is the home of my cutting table, and my wall of quilts from friends (except the one under the clock). Other quilts from friends are displayed throughout the house. I change the quilts around as the mood strikes me.
I am sorry for all of the blogs I haven't been able to keep up with lately. I am just trying to keep up with this little lady, and that is a full time job! She goes home with her mama in 3 days, so I am going to enjoy every last minute!
Until next time, 
Janet O.

Monday, September 18, 2017

International Quilt Invitational Exhibition

Since I am accomplishing absolutely no stitching right now, I thought I would share with you a few favorite quilts from the International Quilt Invitational Exhibit. It was on display at a little museum over the mountains, and DH and I dropped in one day last month. There wasn't a single quilt in a style I would make (most of them were applique), but I loved seeing the variety of lovely, and clever quilts. Hope you see something you like.
This is Leaf Hoppers, and from a distance it appears to be a unique take on a Baltimore Album quilt. Well, it is unique, all right. Look closer.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

This was a fun quilt. Made me want to go home and watch an old movie. :)

This quilt seemed to exude grace and fluidity. I felt like the fish would move any minute. Beautifully made!

Had to include this fun explosion of color!

Of course I would include a mini quilt! :)


 This quilt was stunning!

I think I stared at this quilt the longest. Not only was the subject matter touching, but the techniques and execution had me captivated.

On the home front, Maggie is keeping us smiling, and moving!
Below, left, is DH with all of our grandchildren (so far). Maggie loves being with her cousins!

And she keeps her great-grandmas entertained!

I have tried to pop in and read a blog or two now and then. Sometimes I even have time to comment. But for two more weeks my presence in blogland will continue to be spotty, and for a very good reason!

Until next time, 
Janet O.
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